Ellen Haeser

Ellen Haeser is an expert in defining the "Zeitgeist" and the founder of "Be a Blender," an initiative aimed at achieving meaningful change through creativity and intuition. Her career began after studying fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts, where she was the first to graduate with both a clothing collection and a trend forecasting presentation. In 1980, she co-founded Valk & Haeser, a pioneering trend forecasting design agency in the Netherlands. Ellen worked for over 18 years as a global trend consultant for multinationals such as Philips and Du Pont. She has also collaborated with top brands like Christian Lacroix and Max Mara. Her passion for authentic, well-designed products drives her to highlight the beauty and intrinsic value of products, convinced that they can bring real happiness and enrichment. Ellen is committed to integrating creative and linear thinking and offering new perspectives.

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