140/198 Camelia DWA045+L4050 *Limited 250 pcs.*

Retail starting price : € 2350,-

140/198 Camelia DWA045+L4050 *Limited 250 pcs.* (103901)

This beautiful Dutch Woven Art is made by our artist Wendy Buiter. 
Our collections of woven art.

The textile woven artworks are developed and reproduced in collaboration with artists and designers.

We collaborate with jacquard and gobelin weavers who weave according to the old craft and with a love for textiles.

All works are released in limited editions and come with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

With a maximum of 8 colors, the artworks are transformed into textile art. Through the use of various yarns and bindings, beautiful accents and variations in height are created. Some details are often further emphasized through embroidered parts or by incorporating shiny and lurex yarns into the weave itself.

These collections include various dimensions, which can always be found in the description of the specific artwork. Since the works are solely made up of colored yarns, it's not possible to simply change a size.

Our production largely takes place in the Netherlands.

In our studio, all works are stretched and provided with suitable frames. It's good to know; all textile artworks naturally absorb sound, but should extra damping be necessary, we fill the works with certified acoustic damping material made from recycled jeans.


Wendy Buiter is a Rotterdam-based artist celebrated for her vibrant and fashion-inspired creations. She paints confident, sophisticated women who exude a touch of mystique and timeless elegance. Her artworks are distinguished by the use of various techniques and intricate details. Wendy's cosmopolitan style has earned her a global following, with her pieces featured in renowned publications and art collections around the world. Her journey began as a young girl sketching a specific figure with a triangular body, which she repeatedly drew, each time with a different extravagant dress. Her passion for art and aesthetics led to a successful career in the makeup world as a makeup artist and the establishment of her own company, Beauty Partner. Eventually, she pursued an art education and now combines her entrepreneurial spirit with artistic talent under the brand Wendy Buiter.


Weight 10 kg
Height 198 cm
Width 140 cm
Length 3 cm

Alles weergeven
Material Wool
Artist Wendy Buiter
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Pink
  • White
  • Grey
Aspect ratio Portrait
Art Style Paintings
Weight 10 kg
Width 140 cm
Height 198 cm
Length 3 cm