80/120 Sand Castle EMB007VEL+L1978 Black

Retail starting price : € 820,-

80/120 Sand Castle EMB007VEL+L1978 Black (103912)

The Embroidery pieces are made with high-quality materials and can add texture, depth, and interest to any space. Additionally, they are easy to hang and maintain, making them a great addition to any home or office decor. This beautiful Embroidery is made by our artist Anneke van Lee. 

How to care for Embroidery from MondiArt?

Regular dusting is recommended to ensure that the Embroidery from MondiArt remains in optimal condition. Avoid contact with water and direct sunlight, as this may lead to fading or discoloring of the colors over time. Additionally, ensure to keep the item out of reach of children and away from harsh chemicals or acids,s as these may cause damage to the product. Lastly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for handling and cleaning items for longer-lasting enjoyment.


Weight 0 kg
Height 120 cm
Width 80 cm
Length 3 cm

Alles weergeven
Material Velvet
Artist Anneke van Lee
Color Multicolor
Aspect ratio Rectangle
Art Style Drawings
Width 80 cm
Height 120 cm
Length 3 cm