Floral Fun Frame BL

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Floral Fun Frame BL (103702)

Our Decopanels collection consists of textile artworks. 

Special UV-resistant printing techniques allow the inks to deeply penetrate the fibers of the textile. 

This results in a stunning outcome. This collection is carefully curated. 

All decopanels are framed.

The decopanels can be produced in various sizes. These are standard sizes and predetermined shapes: round, square, or rectangular. 

We can equip the Decopanel with certified sound-damping material to create an acoustic artwork. It's good to know; all textile artworks naturally absorb sound, but should extra damping be needed, we fill the works with certified acoustic damping material made from recycled jeans. 

*For the filling acoustic panel, mechanical recycling of jeans is applied. In this process, the machine completely pulls apart the jeans to the fiber level. Zippers, buttons, and other non-textile components are removed by the machine. These fibers can then be used to make new products. We can provide all our textile works with an acoustic damping filling, of course with the correct certification.


From her studio, surrounded by nature, Jet Ebeltjes is almost daily engaged in painting and drawing. Her love for nature, with its flowers and animals, inspires her illustrations. She captures the beauty of the world in her own unique way using various techniques on paper and canvas. Her works appear on crockery, textiles, and bags, allowing many to enjoy her creations daily. From a young age, inspired by the seasons and drawing competitions, she developed her passion. The first crockery under her label launched in 1998, after which her illustrations appeared on various products. Recently, she has focused on developing her unique style, supported by her surroundings.


Weight 0 kg
Height 80 cm
Width 80 cm
Length 3 cm

Alles weergeven
Material Velvet
Artist Jet Ebeltjes
Color Beige
  • Square
  • Rectangle
Width (cm)
  • 125
  • 120
  • 100
  • 80
Height (cm)
  • 190
  • 100
  • 180
  • 120
  • 80
Aspect ratio Round
Art Style Paintings
  • 125x190 cm
  • 120x120 cm
  • 100x100 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 120x180 cm
  • 80x120 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 80 cm
Length 3 cm