This too shall pass

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This too shall pass (104945)

We collaborate with artists, photographers, and designers worldwide to create a unique art collection. 

For Acrylic, we use a 5mm thick crystal-clear Acrylate and it is printed with UV inks and has long color fastness.

All art reproductions from our collection can be made in different sizes, as long as the image allows it.

Both qualities  (AluArt and Acrylic Art) are equipped with an aluminum hanging system developed by us, ensuring stability and 'invisible hanging'.

All reproductions from the AluArt and AcrylicArt collection are available on both materials and in various sizes.


In 1987, Karin Jonkers began her career as a talented graphic designer. Over the years, she expanded her creative skills to include illustration and photography. Together with Jean Philipse, she formed a formidable team, jointly running Studio Jean Philipse and Travel Mania Publications for an impressive 22 years. On August 1, 2009, Karin Jonkers and Mariëlle van der Wardt joined forces to establish Yell & Yonkers as their new and inspiring creative venture. Karin's years of experience and expertise have made her a versatile and skilled professional in the world of art and design.


Weight 0 kg
Height 80 cm
Width 60 cm
Length 0.3 cm

Alles weergeven
Material Plexiglass
Artist Karin Jonkers
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Blue
Shape Square
Width (cm)
  • 120
  • 100
  • 80
  • 60
Height (cm)
  • 100
  • 180
  • 150
  • 120
  • 80
Aspect ratio Portrait
Art Style Photography
  • 120x120 cm
  • 100x100 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 100x150 cm
  • 60x80 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 80 cm
Length 0.3 cm